APK Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of APK

APK Full Form

APK Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of APK :

What Is The Meaning Of APK In Android Or Tech, In This Article I Shared Some Information About APK And APK Full Form In Android, APK It Is A Extension, .APK Extension Use For Android Apps, Read This Article To Get Information About Apk.

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APK Full Form

 APK Full Form

APK Full Form :- Android Package Kit

A Full Form Of APK Is Android Package Kit or you can also called it Android Application Package Kit. Mostly .APK extension use in the android application and in the pc or computer software they use .exe extension. Different platform have different extension for their apps and software.

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How To Create Android Apps And Publish It On Google Play Store (Basic)

First we can create a android app by using a android studio software on pc but we have some basic knowledge about java (c, c++) language then we can build android app by software.

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But we can also use alternative method that is Thunkable  online site of android application making you can use this site and easily build your own android app this site is totally free you don’t have to pay to make android app, On this site you get drag and drop feature.

How To Publish App On Google Play Store

APK Full Form
APK Full Form

For publishing apk (app) on google play store it is not a free you have to pay for publishing android app on google play store, First you have to create a google developer account by paying 25 us dollar by paypal or debit card, Then you can easily publish unlimited app on google play store using 1 google developer account.

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