Car Rear Double View Glass Blind Spot Parking Mirror

2 in 1 Car Blind Spot Mirror 360 Rotation Adjustable HD Glass Wide Angle Convex Rear View Mirror Blind Spot for Front/Rear wheels

2 in 1 Mirror- This eyeless spot rearview glass has two glasses, which can observe the road conditions more exhaustively, can observe the eyeless spots that the rearview glass can not see in time, and make the proprietor reply.

360 ° Gyration- Upgraded to 360 ° gyration and swing malleable, which can change the direction of the eyeless spot glass at any time, give further azimuth vision, and give further convenience for driving and parking.

Improved Safety- Blind spot rearview glasses use convex glasses to help you drive more safely. During driving, you can use the eyeless spot rearview glass to determine whether you can change lanes. When parking, you can use it to expand the field of vision and reverse further easily.

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