Full Form Of NP, TY, TP, TC, SD In Chatting On WhatsApp

What Is The Full Form Of NP, TY, TP, TC, SD In Chatting :

In this article we are sharing with you some basic full forms that you have to know, when you are chatting with your friends on whatsapp or facebook, Your friends definitely write NP, TY, TP, TC and SD that short, If you want to understand the full forms of Np this short word then read this entire article.

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Full Form Of NP

Full Form Of NP

NP Full Form :- No Problem, Not A Problem

The Full Form Of NP Is “No Problem” but np have more full name and in this article we are just sharing with you NP Full Form in chatting on whatsapp or facebook, One more long form for np in chatting is that No Please.

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Full Form Of TY

a Full Form Of TY is Thank You, Basically we use the thank you word but nowdays we use the short form of thank you is TY,  Also ty had a more long form but in this article we just taking about chatting full names.

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Full Form Of TP

A long form of TP is Time Pass, That is slang language for social networking site users, They use a short form of Time Pass is TP, Also TP have more full forms like Toilet Paper, Third Party, Type, Telephone, Total Package.

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Full Form Of TC And SD

The Full Form of TC is Take Care in internet slang and the SD full form is Sweet Dreams when we wish any one good night then we also send a message TC and SD means Take Care And Sweet Dreams. Also Read :- Full Form Of KYC

So that’s it guys i hope you will understand the full form of np, ty, tp, tc,sd. And plz share this article with your friends and relatives for they also get to know the full forms. And if you have any question then ask use in the comment box. Thank You for reading this Entire Article.

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