HDD Full Form | HDD Stands For Hard Disk Drive

HDD Full Form

HDD Full From | HDD Stands For Hard Disk Drive :

What Is The Full Form Of The HDD, Advantage And Disadvantage Of The HDD, What Is The Meaning Of The HDD, And Some Basic Information The HDD, So Read This Entire Article To Get To Know About The HDD Full Form.  Also Read :- Full Form Of SSD

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HDD Full Form

HDD Full Form

Full Form Of HDD :- Hard Disk Drive

HDD Stands For “Hard Disk Drive”, Hard Disk Drive it is a that device that work on Rotating Discs and Rely On Magnetic storage, HDD haves some moving mechanism parts and that’s why the HDD is slow to read and write data from computer to HDD.( Source)

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Advantages Of HDD  

  • HDD is  most affordable than the SSD
  • HDD has the higher space capacity than SSD.
  • We can buy the HDD in local market means it is Available every where in the electronic shop.

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Disadvantage Of HDD

  • HDD has slow writing and reading speed compare to the SSD.
  • Its consume higher power compare to SSD.
  • Its not a durable device for lifespan SSD is a durable device compare to HDD.

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