KYC Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of KYC

KYC Full Form

KYC Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of KYC :

Are you searching for KYC Full Form, What Is The Full Form Of KYC And KYC stand for. Then you are on the right page, in this article you will get information about KYC Full Form And some benefit, So read this article.

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KYC Full Form

KYC Full Form

Full Form Of KYC : Know Your Customer

Full Form Of KYC is “Know Your Customer” basically KYC is use for customer identity / business verification on the internet if you are going to buy a new sim card for your phone for that you have to do KYC process then you can register a sim card. For bank account opening you have to do KYC process then you can open bank account.

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KYC is a process, such as collecting information about its new customers in the bank, gas agency, investment house and similar offices or agencies or updating the information of the old customer, provide your name, address, contact information, ETC

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Following Details Includes In KYC Process

  • Customer Names
  • Father Names
  • Mother Name
  • Address Proof
  • Contact Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Pan No. (Other KYC Document)

Documents For Kyc

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter Id Card Etc

This all documents use for kyc process, Pan card, aadhar card, driving licence, Voter id card etc.

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