NFC Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of NFC

NFC Full Form

NFC Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of NFC :

What Is The Full Form Of NFC, What Is The Meaning Of NFC, What Is The Work Of NFC And NFC Stands For, So Guys In This Article You Get All Of This Questions Answer So Read This Entire Article We Shared In This Article About NFC Full Form. Also Read :- GPS Full Form

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NFC Full Form 

NFC Full Form

Full Form Of NFC :- Near Field Communication 

NFC Stands ForNear Field Communication“, NFC use for sharing data to 1 electronic device to other electronic device, We can also use NFC feature in our smartphone but our smartphone have to support the NFC then we can use.

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In the market we get NFC tag in that tags we can store some data like WiFi password, contact details, location, We can also able to turn on off data , GPS, sound level etc by using this NFC tag its very cheap you can buy this tags from amazon and Flipkart. (Get More Information About NFC :- Source)

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How To Use NFC In Smartphone Using NFC Tag

  • Buy the NFC tag and download the application from the play store its call NFC tool and you can get lots of app on play you can use one of them.
  • Then open this app and select the which task you want to perform by this tag in one tag you can set one task only you will get lots of tasks choose any task. 
  • Then place that NFC tag to backside of your smartphone then click on set task button.
  • Now you ready to go, If you set the call pick up task then you just you have to move your mobile to that tag when someone calling you, Your call is automatically pick up by this nfc tag.

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NFC Tools
NFC Tools
Developer: wakdev
Price: Free
  • NFC Tools Screenshot
  • NFC Tools Screenshot

Top 5 Uses Of NFC Tags On Your Smartphone 

  1. Share your internet password / WiFi password by just one click.
  2. Wake Up The Calls By NFC.
  3. Turn On And Turn Off Any Function And Your Smartphone.
  4. You can also set a Volume Level For A Particulate Tag.
  5.  Also You Can Open Any Website URL Or Any Things That Connected To The Internet.

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