PHP Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of PHP

PHP Full Form

PHP Full Form| What Is The Full Form Of PHP :

Learn what PHP is? What is the use of PHP? And what is the full form of PHP? What is the meaning of PHP, And PHP Full Form Read This article properly.

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PHP Full Form


Full Form Of PHP: – Personal Home Page / Hypertext PreProcessor

This is the full form of PHPhypertext preprocessor“, but PHP was seen as “personalized home page“. PHP is a website used to make this website a website, you can create a website using PHP and HTML!

PHP or hypertext preprocessor is defined as the HTML-embedded scripting language used to write HTML pages. An example of PHP is a script that displays dates in a website.

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PHP is an HTML embedded web scripting language. This means that the PHP code web page can be inserted into HTML. When a PHP page is used, the PHP code is read by the server!

PHP was created by Amas Lourdard in 1994, but it was brought to market in 1995. A lot of PHP’s syntax is taken PHP has been made easy for web development easily with HTML languages ​​from C, C ++ and Java.

If you have HTML and CSS well, then you will not have much patience to learn PHP. If you have to work on PHP then You should also know about the database management database.

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PHP supports various databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Information Science etc.). it depends on The user who wants to use that database

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