SEO Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of SEO

SEO Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of SEO : 

What is the meaning of SEO, What is the full form of SEO And Some Detailed information about SEO, So in this article i’am going to share with you So read this entire article to understand the full form of SEO.

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SEO Full Form

Full Form Of SEO

Full Form Of SEO :- Search Engine Optimization 

A SEO stands forSearch Engine Optimization“, Seo use for increasing the traffic of any particular platform on internet like we create a website and we did not do the seo of this website then we did not get the traffic on this for getting traffic so mush from google we have to do seo of our site.

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Whats Include In SEO / What Is A SEO ?

SEO is divided in two parts First one is the On-page SEO second one is the OFF-Page Seo, In On-Page, we should use the Focus keyword once in the first paragraph and the focus keyword should be used in the heading and also in the title, image attribute and should be used in the last paragraph. 

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In the off page seo, we should have to create a back-link on high da pa sites, and do create the do-follow back-link, and share the post on social site to increase a visitors, From the doing seo our post is getting rank up in the google and we get traffic from google. So that it about SEO. (Source)

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So Guys i hope you will understand the Full Form Of The SEO, Then share this article with your friends and if i miss some info about seo the tell us in the comment box i will add it into this post. So thanks for reading this entire article.

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