What Is The Full Form Of DVD | CD Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of DVD | CD Full Form:

What Is The Full Form Of DVD, DVD Full Form, What Is The Meaning Of DVD And CD, Types Of DVDs Disc, When DVD Is Invent Or Developed, Capacity Of DVD, So Guys Read This Entire Article To Get information About DVD?

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What Is The Full Form Of DVD

What Is The Full Form Of DVD
What Is The Full Form Of DVD

Full-Form Of DVD:- Digital Video Disc & Digital Versatile Disc

Full-Form Of CD:- Compact Disc

DVD Stands For “Digital Video Disc” And On More Full Form For DVD Is “Digital Versatile Disc“, Mostly DVD Is Used For Store Software And Other Computer Files, But Now We Used Pen-drive To Store Computer Files, Also DVD Used To Store Movies And Videos.

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The DVD Was Invented Or Developed in 1995. (Source) There Is TWO Format Of DVD, First Is DVD – Video Consumer Digital Video Format, Other One Is DVD – Audio Consumer Digital Audio Format. DVD Disc Are Written Is A Special AVCHD Format To Hold High Definition Material.

Such DVD Disc Are In The Form DVD – Rom The Data Only Be Read And Not Written Or Erased (Delete), Rewritable DVDs Disc (DVD-RW, DVD + RW, And DVD-RAM) Can Be Recorded And Erased So Many Times.

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Storage Capacity Of DVD’s

TypesCapacity (GB)
Storage Capacity Of DVD’s

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